Out of Context Animation
About the Mod

In case you crazy people wanna know who the sicko that made this perverse site is my name is Cory Holmes but I go by “Sprite37”, I’m a 2D Animator, Digital Illustrator and Storyteller. I’ve been heavily inspired by cartoons and manga since I was a kid and loved the medium ever since. Regrettably I’m a college graduate from the Art Institute of Las Vegas as the ONLY 2D Animator of my class of 2010, but have been exploring methods to improve myself since then. I’m also a Clean Up Animator on the game Skullgirls and currently a professional Freelance Artist.

Why did I make this blog? Well my good friend, Mike Ruocco who runs the Animation Smears blog, and I were looking at hilarious stills of cartoons. I found one of Pete from “A Goofy Movie” and Mike and I were floored. I thought to myself “I wonder if anyone’s ever made a blog of animation taken out of context, in which Mike said I should do it, and the rest is history.

I hope that answers some questions about myself :3