Out of Context Animation
Out of Context FAQ

Q: What kind of submissions are acceptable?

A: Anything 2D or 3D animated. And they must be something taken entirely out of context.

Q: Do animatronics (Muppets, etc.) and movies like Who Framed Rodger Rabbit count?

A: As long as the still shows at least one animated character and the action being taken out of context it shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: Can I submit Hentai?

A: Short answer, No. While this is a site devoted to bringing out the perverse nature of the human mind it’s still technically a Safe For Work blog. So Hentais will be rejected out right.

Q: Can I submit a still from an anime with subtitles?

A: At first I was against this however a lot of them are quite funny in the long run, I guess what I ask for is make sure it’s an official sub.

Q: I submitted mine months ago and I haven’t seen it, was it not good enough?

A: I get a lot of submissions and before I put them on the queue I make sure if they meet the criteria which is, “Is it out of context and would people generally find this funny?” As you’d imagine there are some hit and miss submissions as well as repeats so some are bound to be deleted. Another reason is there’s more than likely a lot of submissions before you, I get A LOT of submissions, so just have patience. Another reason could be that it’s an edit of the original image and that goes against everything this blog stands for.

Q: Why’d you delete what I wrote on my submission?

A: Sometimes people say stupid things or stuff they don’t need to. Most pictures just stand out on their own and don’t need words to describe it. Sometimes one liners are okay if they’re actually funny though.

Q: Why are submissions closed? I have frames I wanna submit!

A: Due to the popularity of this blog I get an insane amount of submissions daily and I have a lot of frames queued up for months. However I will be doing a once a week submission opening in the future.

Q: Can I submit frames through fan-mail?